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Xisico Airgun Combo with a Nikko Stirling 3-10x42 Sale Price: $250.99

Must See Movie: Long Range Airgun Plinking with RWS 350

  RWS 350 Magnum Pellet Gun Combo  

350 RWS DIANA Leapers Airguns Scopes 3-9X40   Air gun Rifle scope
and 1 Piece LERGPM2PA-25M4 mount represents a new level in Airgun shooting.
With its sleek design and break barrel action, the 350 magnum is easy to load and handle.

With velocities in the range of Rimfire shells this RWS 350 Rifle model offers the shooter many options for use. Long range air rifle pest control, target practice or just plinking, the 350 RWS handles each task effectively 22 cal or .177 pellet.  List Price:
$484.00 Sale Price: $435.59


Gamo Air Guns has nine new Air Rifles here's two. Gamo Air Guns has revamped the hole line of Air Rifles adding a beautiful fluted polymer bull barrel, mounted scopes ready to shoot out of the box.

Hunting Experience Hunting experience using PBA pellets and high power GAMO air rifles.

Play video Windows Media Player Gamo Rapto Pellets Pointed 100 ct  .177 cal 5 gr. Play video Windows Media Player
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Target Moving Gamo Airguns MTS 1000 Target

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Target Moving Gamo Airguns MTS 1000 Target at cobra air guns

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The new GAMO MTS 1000™ Moving Target System is designed for airgun use to simulate real hunting situations with center fire rifles on moving deer at distances up to 200 yards.

Viper Express Air Shotgun
The Viper Express has all the power and penetration needed for hunting small game and birds at medium to close range; making it a powerful pest control for your home, barn or garden.
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Gamo Viper Express: Spring Piston Shotgun Review



To a varmint hunter, an air rifle is a tool for the job of bagging game. Just as different jobs require different tools (you wouldn't use a tack hammer to drive 3-penny nails) so do different hunting situations require different air rifles. The paramount aspect of hunting air rifles is acceptable downrange accuracy. If you can't hit your target, no amount of super pellet energy or "penetration" is going to do you any good. Next most important is downrange energy.

Pigeons and other pest birds require one-inch accuracy at 20 to 30 yards; Grey (Tree) squirrels require similar accuracy, but at least 8 ft. lbs. of energy at that distance.

Crows require two-inch accuracy at 40 to 60 yards, the same as "wild" woodchucks, but the chucks require 10 to 15 ft. lbs. of energy at that range, the crows only half that. "Suburban" woodchucks can be approached to within 30 to 40 yards, so a less powerful rifle will do.

Airgun shooters should use this guide to help select the three or four different pellet types that seem closest to answering their own shooting needs. Then shoot these pellets for accuracy to get an idea of how well each type behaves in your own airguns. Shoot into bars of soap at field ranges to learn how well different pellets penetrate and expand for hunting. There is no substitute for this personal testing which will quickly lead to the selection of the most effective pellet type for your own particular use--and boost your accuracy and shooting satisfaction to new highs.

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